Project management

We implement solutions to increase efficiency of the management of your projects. Solutions using Project Server platform provide you the complete overview of the progress of constituent projects and thus help to optimize the running of your company.

how we work

Set objectives

We always work with a clear vision. By consulting with you, we determine the objectives and benefits of project management in your company.

Knowledge and experience

We master Project Server and based on our experience we can implement it effectively and advice you on how to use it.

Services provided

We provide you with the spectrum of services from business consulting to implementation services for Project Server.

We train users

Under our supervision, your colleagues and workers learn to work with all installed tools quickly and reliably.

Ready-made solutions

We have prepared ready-made solutions for Project Server and Project online to work for you from the first day.

Project Server and Project Online

They provide flexibility and opportunities for individuals, teams and large companies to effectively manage all types of projects and activities from individual tasks to complex projects and programs.


Intuitive environment

In a familiar environment of a Web browser you can view, edit and manage the project.


Decide based on the data by team members and project participants using clearly arranged project dashboard.

Effective communication

Improve the overall performance of the team and optimize your working time and use of resources with wide opportunities for information sharing.

Selection of projects

Match ideas and resources when assigning priorities to projects and selecting the optimal project portfolios to achieve the corporate strategy.

Microsoft SharePoint

Standard in the area of storing, organizing, sharing and accessing information from various devices via standard web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.


Business Inteligence

Part of solution is a tool called Business Intelligence, through which you can create special reports and sets, summaries and dashboards of projects. Access from various devices is granted.

what are advantages

Better overview

With business intelligence tools maintain statistics and reports from all project data for a comprehensive overview of the progress and outcome of projects.

Access from anywhere

Manage projects from different devices and optimize the use of your time. Keep track of everything wherever you are.

Stay informed

World of project management is still progressing. Give us your e-mail address and we will prepare a summary of the most interesting things. So you really won’t miss anything.

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